tirsdag den 4. oktober 2016


So Heey foxies later on t'day I'll stream on Twitch later on today if u want me t' stream on YouTube just write in the comments there will also be a Foxy talks video up on YouTube and for Fuck sake remember that The Flash is back on the Telly tonight and for ya non European guys and Gals a Telly is a television it's the British Way of saying it i know lil' Kim made into slang for for HoTEL but yeah Flash is back October 4th for us European Foxies That's The 5th cuz of the time zones and stuff Eventhough we get the Rebirth Comicbooks on time so if say the flash Rebirth come out the 28th of September on ITunes We get it Exactly on the 28th Of September our time cuz it's really just a matter of hours where with it comes to Funkos and Gaming DLC oh Boy we're talking month apart for example we haven't got ur deal with buy Lego Dimesionsfor the Ps4 and Get Supergirl for free oh no so am I annoyed just a bit cuz I have to buy Superman's Funpack....well I'm only missing the Joker/Harley Team pack, Cyborg fun pack and the Wonderman Fun Pack when it comes t' DC, I need Cyborg for Hacking but can't Doc Brown Do it instead or maybe The Doctor?
Not that I don't like Cy it's just if he can do exactly what another Character can do, except for Collecting the All of season one why do I need him? 
Anyways Cya Foxies Foxy's out