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Another 23+ what so ever facts about Foxy(Kevin) on the Foxy beau-tie

#1 the more they are apart the more they stay the same 
Well This is a coinsedence more than Anything Else my boss and I share the same Intials His full name (not gonna give up his name Though) is  Karim leonardo Salvador and Mine is Kevin Ted Meier(Pronounced Meyer) Sørensen(Just Think Sören Kierkegaard or TjorBjörn the ö is Pronounced the same Way), um but anyways our Intials are the exact same being "KS" so in other Words Whenever we do some we have to use our middle name(S) or write like KA or KE...sometimes I'll Write Foxy It's Wierd right but still Funny cuz the simularities doesn't stop there 

#2 Horrible Bosses
So I mentioned My Boss and a simularity but we have more incommon than others might Think Some of our bosses were like pure evil in contrast to our differnt-not-so-differnt-leading-appproach cuz my boss in Matas was a Straight up she-devil she had her favs and dislike members of the Staff ....I witnessed the She-devil so i was on team i hate u members Employee NB XXX Obvisly Well i considered her to be the Devil hersfelf were my boss and I tend to have a certain Standard(I admit i have some perfectionictic trades to my being due to my ol' Granny Foxy i'm actually pretty proud to have those "Skills") i'm Nothing in compadre ta my Boss at Matas and the same goes for the Boss my Boss Had When he was a trainee in Netto  we didn't have the same bosses we still feel bad When we feel like we're running the circus too Much sure his the boss and i'm just an salgsassistent but  sometimes remembering DA RULES makes U feel like a pain in the others backside eventhough my Colleauges tell my on the Nightshift that it's Nice to hear but sometimes you feel like the referee say do's and Don'ts 

#3 Crack da whip and According t' Da Rules

So yeah my boss and I have more incommon  cuz both of us knows how t' be a Leader/leading Force 
His Whip like "Hurrry Hurry we need t' Hurry cuz we have X Hours t' do This Before yada yada yada "

I'm the sorta like Rule book reameber (due the Nightshift) we have to do This X Hours before closing time according t' Da Boss which Leeds me on t' number 4

#4 being boss isn't likable

When it comes t' work in group assignments i would be the guy saying "i'll let somebody Who wants to or have the courage to take charge untill the plan doesn't work or we're in the elleventh hour Then I'll take charge i'll let that person guid us if we're set on Titanic V 2.0 it sounds Wierd but  yeah WTF U Got standards too right? But yeah 7 outta 10 times i'd Exprienced that kinda Sloopy Boss (we're talking school group assignments not work related assignments Well in my case) 
I (as a boss kinda-like-character) knew Who, When and Why to crack the whip(y'all knows those moments right?) where my boss is U usually X-fast i know U Can do better.....

#5 Bigby Wolf? Missa don't like
When was in High school I would When as mentioned earlier the Leading Direction Went too Slopy I Would Huffington 'n' Puff it Down taking the Lead because and make sure the parate Got their on time even if I had t' do it my god Darn Self" in 2016 overwatch terms I would be a Solider 76 or A Hanzo A Lone Wolf, The fact is I Don't like that Part of myself I don't like cuz he is the Ruthless part of me.
Sure I accepted that I have This Bossy or Elizabethen Side but I don't like to turn into that Guy Neither do my boss He doesn't like to be Bossy so we have to say When he gets too Bossy, i'd told him that he should listen to the others rater than me cuz I'd had a bossy boss that he Can't even hold a candel to how strict she was compared t' her and he told me his Boss was the Devil Accoriding t' him 
And he doesn't like to be Bossy neither do I  but sometimes it's Super Necessary....and I know I know that's what they'll all say well I don't really like being Bigby Wolf but sometimes the only way Peeps Listen is when u turn into ur not so kind Side and actually show a tiny bit of ur beautiful temper...trust I'm all cupcakes and Foxcubs until u really really really pisses me off

#6 metal Gear solid is awesome because.....?
Well I don't have the answer see cuz sure I'd played the original and the phantom Pain and Grounds Zero but the only character I felt like connecting to was Quiet and she's well not wearing much nor talking that much at all...so what's the hype about I really don't get Sorry Foxies I just don't get it at all

#7 Link Heeey Listen
Where do I Start The legend of Zelda franchise might be awesome but well I'd played Twillight Princess and I guessed who she was without even knowing the plot...thank u Batman and Murder mysteries for actually sharpen my Brain to a point where I think if I wanted a plot twist in this game What would it be oh I know yada yada Ding ding Ding Grab a Teddy bear ur Sly Fox cuz ur actually were right sure u haven't watch a walkthrough or played it before? Yeah it's sometimes annoying but guess what I'm even more annoyed than anybody else because I'm always hearing like Uuuuh it's so Cool yada yada Zenyatta 

#8 Le-go legooooh can't hold it back anymore 
Yes I love Lego, I'm a Dane helloh! Okay don't get me wrong but Lego is a big Deal in Denmark ;3

#9 he's a Coldblooded reptilian girl look into to his eyes
Okay it's a no brainer but My Fav Spidey villain except for Venom is The Lizzard xD and my third is Mysterio...Eventhough he runs the same gimmick as Deathshot...when Deathshot was first introduced

10 A la Vie A la mort 
My one Favourite characters in Overwatch is Windowmaker or Amelie due to her Backstory and how she is in General, and if u haven\t Watch the Overwatch Short Called Alive cuz of course u don`t get to know a lot about her but u learn something about her and life in general so plz check it out

11 As a Child I was Affraid of.... My mother Told me that..... But I know the Truth
The first and last Line in Alive let`s u in on something about Windowmaker but this is one of the many Reasons I can relate to her cuz I`m an Arachnophob and as a child I wouldn't let them come any way near me but as I\d grown older i`d actually let a black widow walk on me to get to Her Web again But if I See good ol` Daddy long legs I`ll scream till ya ears bleed or ur head splatters allover the room depends on how fast u get rid of it....well the point was actually that as a kid my mom told me that some people becomes Cold like personality/wise due to either not being loved as kids, growing up in a cold home but I know that, that isn't the truth sure some people grow cold due to that, but not all I can be cold like Killerfrost cold at times but it`s because I feel so heartbroken inside that if I start shedding a tear i`m never gonna stop cuz one sad thing takes the other at times and a break up memory can lead to grief u never really got completely outta ur system, I don`t think WindowMaker can`t feel  it`s just she won`t let herself feel just like well Caitlin Snow on The Flash when getting that Feel like I\m doing great Je m`aime vie u get run over but the fuck u 9 am bus and it takes it all away and if u as I and many others have tried ur not feeling completely AOK Actually if this happens a lot u don`t wanna feel it u just wanna move on cuz Life waits for no one and I love Widowmaker for being that person because Eventhough I`m a Positive Soul i`d just experienced sooo much shit in my life(Not as much as many others but yeah I had my fair share too XD )that if I should cry it all out I would cry myself to death no lie I would or I would start crying then suddenly burst into laughter and then maybe Die 

12 not cold just broken
Well i`m not cold and sure i`ll feel and stuff but yeah i`d never been the greatest at opening the waterworks when it comes to my own heartbreaks or yeah personal tragedies whatever u wanna call 
My first like real one was when my first dog Mickey died, or he was my grandma`s third so yeah but he came into the family when I started in School and he would follow me to school every morning til I was old enough to go t` school myself then before heading t` school I would go on his little morning walk with him and in the evening aswell he even sat by my side when I was doing my homwework even my math homework sigh, and when I was sick he would lie on me, warming/healing me back to normal he was a loyal and caring little Fellar oh yeah btw he was a Wienerdog  in case u ever wondered, whenever I felt bummed out or I was crying he would either lick my tears just rub his head up against my cheek or leg depending on wether I was sitting down or what and he always came me a certain smirk like he was saying don`t worry Champ u`ll get it right just keep on trying. He was like the brother or child i`d never had one, the most kinda like symbolic thing happened when I went for my final exam...it was the final hours of my school life and the hours of his life. He was there since the beginning and followed me right down til the end of the end. Two days before the the final exam my uncle called my grandma and suddenly we heard a huge thump and the howling agony of Mickey crying out in pain, me and my grandma shout what the fuck just happened, well Mickey was born with a dysfunctional heart and suffered a heart attack, the thump drop sound was him falling down from the couch due to a heart attack well my grandma, my mom and I Rushed home to my grandma`s apartment Mickey had stopped crying out and was `AOK` but  me and my granny went straight too my grandma`s Sister Anna who lives nearby, to burrow her baby carriage so we could get Mickey to the vet ASAP we got there with me pushing it assuring my four pawed Pal that everything was gonna be AOK we went to the vet and she told us the little fellar had blood clug and he could get some meds to thinning his blood but it last for two weeks and then we would be at the vet so we could get the meds for him or like u know give him "Da Sting" on the following Monday (the day of my final exam) and my grandma was like looking at me saying the choice is urs...and I chose the most humane thing so he got the inejction so he could get his long sleep

So Monday morning I remember I would cry into his Fur he licked my tears I think it was his way of saying don't big guy u did the right thing so before I left I told him thank u for always making me Smile even in my darkest hours ur every kids dream pet, u know as I it's time but thanks for everything little pal see u around when time let's us 

As my exam started I knew he get his Injection and i was shaking in beginning cuz I get really nervous during exams but I suddenly felt like this exam wasn't just for me it was for him too and I ended up getting an A+ and when I got the news I broke down Crying of joy shouting We did it Old pal we did it and My teacher thought I'd gone mad or Psycho and my best friend told him why I was a bit...weirder than normal and he understood that the exam actually meant so much than just being an exam 
Well we got a new pup 5months later and I felt weird what if I couldn't connect to the new pup or kinda Compared him t' Mickey or something

13 Friday the 13th
Well Eventhough my lucky number is 23 my lucky day is always Friday the 13th what can I Say Lady Luck and Karma thinks I'm and AOK Guy I guess

14 don't think about it 
So yeah i can grow a beard in no time same goes for the hair as for now but yeah whenever get to something where I have to use that grey matter that I'd got and think a lot about it I can grow a beard in no time seriously I'm not kidding at all

15 what I did in the fat days....

I have never been fat but I like the Grim Fandango Game a lot everything from Eva funny remarks and the what I did in the fat days reply always get me and this one too because as A sales assistant ...it's the same as a clerk a cashier and a salesmen this is always funny cuz u know u have SOME Custumors where u just wanna get hit by truck to avoid the annoyance if telling them why the Fucking Cigarret machine is glowing red on the Letter G it's because we're out of Fucking KINGS cigarets and the moment they answer u okay and push the button again asking u the same damn question for the fourth time ur reply would be kinda like this one

16 not even a little bit?
Even though I love Manny and Meche my heart goes out to Eva and Lupe because Dang they're funny

#17 Boop!
So before it was Cool and a Meme I'd Used Boop a lot I still do cuz it's such an addictive Word
And yes when Sombra gets out on the PlayStation I'm gonna check her out because she is awesome Boop!

Bae McCreamy &  Baby Senpai 
Yup the male Chracters I play the Most is Genji and McCreed .... I think I'll make a List btw Winston(not Churchill) u evil evil  Primate burn in Greenpeace hell Cuz ur hard as Fuck to play as :3 and Me and two other Overwatch-ers? Overwatches? Nevermind we named Genji and McCree that cuz we Love them ;3 

19 such lack of imagination 
Symentra is a Cocky Little Bitch...and I like it a lot actually so much that I actually learned how to play as her like a baaawwwwssss! But yeah At first Was kinda forced to it Cuz I wanted those Goddamn Achievments and I got them Yaaaaaay but yeah u can tell if the other have A good Symentra by their placement of sentry turrets a new comer would popped them like everywhere and a trained Sym Places them place where u pwn peeps. I sometimes utter the words Such lack of imagination when I see something dull or that a symentra's turrets are placed in a very bad position Because c'mon luv u can place them everywhere and u place them where I can see them from a mile away with one eye closed. Of course as a newmentra ur trying her out but still at least try abit when I spot the other teams Symentra I warn my own team about her and tell em if she's a Clever girl or a newmentra cuz that's rather important to know thy enemy cuz that gives u an edge   Of course if we're more then One who are used to play as Symentra u of course get an extra Pair of eyes to watch her so u can get it confirmed or denied ;3 

20 The Dragon is A salty Bitch 

Hanzo is Cool right and his Achievment are easy to get right?..
Well yup they're but u only Become better By forcing urself to play the character ;3 I think Hanzo is Easy to play as due the Junkenstein's revenge where u were forced to play as either Hanzo, McCree, Solider 76 or Ana well I'd learned to play Ana and Got better playing as the others as well  but yeah think about who do u suck as the most (Mine are Winston, Zarya & Pharah) but um I'm getting better at Pharah. Winston is a lost Cause at this moment until he is the only one who's Achievments I'm missing...or maybe not but yeah I know the weird Norm that only noobs play as Hanzo and Solider 76but no elite Players do too and I'm not one of them cause I'm not an Elite player yet ;3 and I'm trying to play as any character if needed 

21 I'd got my eye on U...so please try and Stay alive for like 5 more secs 
I can play Support as Symentra, Ana or mercy and I'm okay as Lucìo but my gaming pal Luk is waay better at being Lucìo  sure  I'm more the Offensive of Sniper kind of Fellar do to assassin's Creed but sometimes it's a hard job cause sometimes the person that needs Healing just ran into guns blazing without thinking about rendez vu or actually protecting the Point with everybody else and they sometimes start bitching about how they didn't get healed or ressucted ....it's funny especially when I'm a lonewolf by nature and I know to stick to my team of stay close to them in case it gets a bit too hot in there and I just think it's funny that a lonewolf actually knows how rendez vu when somebody else doesn't of course Wolves aren't always on their own but still LOL

22 I love the smell of....in the Evening
In my "older" days I found some scented Skittles candles ....I've got 3 Lemon and Berries, Cherry and Berries,  and Melon and Berries(even though it's a Blueberry on the display they still call it berries as in more than Just Blueberry/ies and it's writing in English, German and French which is ...Bonus Fact three foreign languages I speak my mother's tongue is Danish + English due to my mom Being Danish and my Dad being Irish Candian) well it's "Hygge" it's hard to explain because it's more of a feeling than an actually thing or it's not even that it's more than that like the French Have La est Belle -Life is beautiful well no because we can't narrow it down to that well "Hygge" is .... Imagine ur sitting on the Couch doing ur favourite thing with ur Favourite peeps that would be "Hygge" ur sitting with A hot cup of coco and it's snowing and cold outside but ur on the couch covered by a warm fuzzy Blanket and u lid some Candles just to get that Cozy relaxed feel.."Hygge" would be like that or imagine ur favourite thing like going to the spa that could be kinda "Hygge" okay it's soooo hard to explain but yeah I relax by gaming and the scent of candles I only use lid one so they can last a little longer... But yeah I love the smell it make me feel Cozy and relaxed 

23 not done yet 
oh yeah Number 23 is My favourite colours are Green, red and Orange 

24 wax on wax off
I use Hair wax it's no secret but what u don't know is actually I got 10 different waxes from 5 different Brands: Skull wax, Lorèal Studio line, Garnier, Toni & Guy, Hairdo! And Gold. 

25 D.Va Is Killer Version of lil' Foxy 
No Shit Whatcha the Twitch stream where me and Alfie Killed it as Sombra And D.va I smell Dream Team 

26 Going Platinum Babaaaah
My First Platinum Trophy was Grim Fandango remastered have My Stream Live streams t' prove it ;3 gonna upload it t' YouTube later 

27 favourite beer 
It's gonna be Royal Export it's Carlsberg who make them and Sometimes they run a Campaign where ev'ry time u buy a can u support the Rock ....not Dwanye THE ROCK Johnson but Rock genre mostly it's our Danish Rock bands but it's Also D.A.D due to the Danish Drummer in the band 

28 twitching 
 So u been asking urself okay maybe not but why have it been taken me ages to finish this post... Easy I live stream on twitch a lot ;3 it's Twitch.tv/Foxinton if u wanna watch

29 how Foxy How!!
Three often asked questions along my peers is how can u keep urself warm in a European cold wintery weather wear a polo or A Tanktop? How manage to walk that long without food and how do u eat that much without gaining any kilos 

A I don't think about it being cold or that I'm freezing guess ignorance is blessed at some point B 
I know what a want and I'm sure as hell is gonna get that Food item even if it kills me in the process...determination and Hunger walks hand and Hand sometimes
And C My metabolism 

30 night and Day 
Well I guess I'd already told u this but yeah my Older Sister and I are like Complete uppersites like she is born in the fall in the morning and I'm a Summer Night Child, I love to go out and exprience life, why she is more like I wanna go in the same Circle all my life type, I'm stupidly Positive and she's right out Negative, I can become a negative person but I usually get back on the happy go fuck me side of life again, she is never thinks about the situation and I...sometimes do 
She never lay the past behind her and I'm somewhat forgiving as fuck, I adore the colours of Life and everything and she is the black on black with a pinch of Grey 
She wanna work at an office behind the desk and I'm the I wanna be among the costumers sales guy to put us into the Game I guess I would be Genji and she would be Hanzo or Dante and his bro