lørdag den 19. november 2016

Living Life is hugging Death

I know The title is Like Woah wtf Foxy!?

Well sometime the Health care System seem t' cut out all the like u can not do this or u die or Get Cancer and everbody's got a grandpa who smoked Cirgattes like a Chimey and had A clear set of lungs yada yada Zenattya or at least they do in Denmark. Like almost everything nowadays can give ya the big C it comes out like The boy Who Cried Wolf like the older gen and us 90's kid are like what ever doesn't make u stronger. Of course u shouldn't ingore everything they say but...c'mon according to them Coffee gave u cancer if u drank 6+ cups of Joe a week later they're like oh it actually healthy, and don't make mentioned Cherries I love Cherries suddenly outta nowhere Cherries had a gene that could give u guess what Cancer I still ate A lot Of Cherries cuz i love Cherries and it was Like a month after the Coffee gives oh not really thing but sure a resarcher finds  one and suddenly Apocalypse or Cancer everywhere I know it's a serious non funny Illness but like a lot of stuff could give u the Big C but if we should eat drink or do  stuff because The big C gets u I'm just waiting for the moment they are gonna having Sex Or give birth is giving U the Big C like it seems like If ur an average Joe or Jody ur Hugging Death by Living life which was my angle :3