mandag den 28. november 2016

Life lesson with Lil ol' Foxy

So yeah I always feel like Lessons is something we all can adapt to or kinda create and we share some life lesson others we develop within ourselves yeah here is some I'd learned or kinda developed

1. Forget ur past self but learn From its errors
Okay it's a no Brainer if u ask me cuz well Duuh I know about it from my own life like of course I'm still kinda of a shy guy but like I'm a more talkative guy now in the present but my past shy guy made me into like a listener but also I notice body language a lot more than people think and being shy sometimes grants u a bit of humility cuz ur use to being the who's grounded cuz u don't cause any trouble...but yeah learn from younger u or kid u cuz they certainly learned some lessons but stuff like that one time u made a fool outta ur self forget it nobody remembers that..hopefully otherwise Just take it embrace it 

2. Be proud not cocky
Sure we Leos are proud People but what makes us stand out is we don't have to brag about it Eventhough some does anyway but yeah whatever xD like sure u feel proud and wanna shout I'm the King of the World which is kinda okay cuz we all get that feeling like I'm fucking Superman or Powergirl but to be like "u couldn't have done it without me cuz I'm so important ...sigh I'm not a fan but u do u and hopefully u can stick to plan 

3.Be colourful or die like a shade of grey 
I love colours and sometimes it seems like u and I just came out an insane asylum cuz u dare to wear colours well kudos to u cuz sometimes when everybody else choose black, white or Grey u dare to define trying to lighten up the world or the mood like my job for example our standard uniform is Black on Black but we can wear dark colours as longest they are not bright wanna know a trick use ur Hands to show some colour or just be a bubbly pile of life ;3

4. Be U cuz who else gonna be that person
It speaks for it self sure if u like to wear black all the time or colours or like Trump or Think Comics suck or I don't know that U love pineapples (yuck) be u okay cuz ur as important as anybody else on this earth 

5. Different people makes a wiser human
We're all different Eventhough we seem alike and that's fair to actually become a lifewise intelligent person u have and u will meet people that u do or do not agree with but what makes u the bigger person is to accept that people like this person exist sure they are not ur cup of tea but at least ur prepared for the next time u meet a person like that 

6. Acceptance is the way to balance within 
Like we all have our faults what makes a difference is if we accept it or not and actually wants to deal with it or not, like yet again sigh I know I'm still a shy dude but that haven't stopped my mouth from running or streaming on twitch with cam on I still know have some trust issues but that doesn't mean It's gonna Stop me from getting a gf or BF sure I got this hand dealt to me but as everybody who plays poker or card games with me is I'm gonna accepted and used it to it's best even if I loose ;3

7. Relax
Instead of running like a headless chicken take a breather and get back to what ever u did 

8. Live life and die with no regrets 
I'm in that part of my life that if I croaked I wouldn't regret a thing ATM, it's huge statement being 23 and saying that but sure I have done some dumb shit and yes I'd seen some weird shit but at some point would I had been me, this Version of me if I hadn't... I don't know and I don't care I don't regret my life or life choices it had its ups and downs heartbreaks and tears of joy but life isn't life without it 
Yang needs Ying the sun needs the moon life needs death u know