onsdag den 17. august 2016

Sorry Miles

So I been reading the Flash Rebirth and I really love it so far and I kinda remember that I forgot to mention that in the Spidey event u also Had Black Cat, Miles Moralis & Spiderham as recruitable characters because like Spidey 2099, Venom and Lizzard it's a no brainer cuz u can't mention Spidey without his super flirt "relationship" with Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat 

Miles or Ultimate Spidey alongside Spiderham is quite popular so yeah it's a no brainer 
Lizzard was the First Spidey Villain unlike Batman who met his Arche nemesis in his very first Comic Spidey Didn't... I'd always liked Lizzard over Gobbie the same goes for Venom, venom is like my number 1 Bae when it comes to Spidey villains I'm talking Eddie Brock Venom not Garland(Scorpion) Venom when I found Out the scorpion was the new venom I was like meh cuz it wasn't Venom venom it was wannabe Venom 
When I found out Eddie Had become Anti venom I came to Love him and I like Agent Venom too 
I have The Antivenom, Black Suit Spidey and Spidey 2099  Funkos ;3 
I just Saw that like t'day that Harley Quinn is returning to injustice 2 and she took DeadShot with her and I posted it on my Facebook wall anyways the new event in Avengers academy is the A.I.M / Modok event where u can recruit Squirrel Girl and Culson