søndag den 7. august 2016

Working through the night

So what's up Foxies?
At my end i'd been working Day shift had my 2nd Nightshift last night (Aug. 6th)and i don't if U would even call it Night shift overseas but it was from 3pm til 12:15am Well last Night was something....Special cuz my weekend Night Shift partner and I wasn't completly done trimning the store by closing time so we had to stay around 30mins Extra to do that so from 12:15 til 12:45 so after closing Hours.

We weren't told that by our Boss, we did it outta Freewill ourselves cuz ya know U Can't leave your work place looking like the badlands from fallout 4 butta anyways we could sweater we Heard the Doors open and close with 5mins apart like Somebody was trying to get in but it was our tired minds playing tricks on us but we joked about saying stuff like our workplace was builded upon an Ancient Indian burial Ground and before that it was an T-rex cenmetary and we also joked about it saying Freddy Fazbear ur dingos GO home t' FFP ur drunk! 
And "GreatGrandma for Crying out loud ur Dead so stop trying t' be a hipster Ghostbusters by standing Alive after ur Body Died"

In the end we end up singing the Ghostbusters theme song cuz why not 

So yeah that was our little Weird yet Funny Nightshift :3 

In other non work related stuff i'd been Playing MKX On the iPad alot my team consists of D'Vorah(Silver Kard), Ermac(Master Of Souls Gold) and Kung Jin(thief Costume Silver kard) 
And I gotta say I love Ermac but When the New Bunch was introduced I fell in love with D'Vorah and Erron Black cuz they're sooooooooo cool 

Erron was because A: Troy Baker makes him Sound So Badass B: Erron Looks Badass and made the Bane Muzzle Cool Before Tom Hardy did ..I Think :3

And D'Vorah Reminded me a bit of KillerFrost and we all know how huge a boner i have for KillerFrost she is like one of My top 3 favourite Villains/antiHeroes and now ur asking urselves how Does the Hiveminded Insect Queen Remind Foxy of the Ice Queen 

Well  it's due to their stature and their overlook design model and a Minior detail such as D'Vorah Wearin High Heels Just like Frost Did t' me if a female character actually any character Who Can kick Ass in High Heels is Total Badass cuz if anybody U isn't know This actually not easy to do stuff in High Heels untill U learned how T' ....Sidenote: I Can Walk in High Heels :3 

But Besides  that see is awesome btw if u haven't notice this is one from the draft and I have already had 5. Night shifts ;3