lørdag den 16. juli 2016

Why do I love Crash Bandicoot so much?

The title says it all well except for my reasons :3 

Soo here we Go when I say Love Crash Bandicoot I mean I love Crash Bandicoot except for the last two #Cough Fucked up games yeah it was nice seeing Good ol' NBrio again and his little hulk outs but it was sooooo Cheesey geez it took everything about Crash Bandicoot and threw it in the gutter and then they ate some Explosive diareah pills and shitted all over it, it wasn't Crash Bandicoot it was Sellout Bandicoot I mean C'mon it was like trying to hard to be cool or hip with the Pop culture references in the cut scenes and it was everything from South Park t' Dragon Ball Z u don't have t' throw Pop culture into Crash bandicoot cuz seriously Crash is like Mario and Sonic and Fucking Pikachu Part of it already if u wanted to give us Bandicoots an awesome Gift except for the remastered version Thx Naughty Dog, Give us Tawna Back  

She actually was cool and as A kid I thought it was Cool that Crash had a Tall gf cuz C'mon haven't u ever wanted a tall gf ..... And the other reason is well it was kind of a way to okay it sounds weird but gender equality  cuz this wasn't a tall dude falling for a tiny girl it was the opposite and I know the myth is that we men feel frightened by tall women because it threatens our manliness or something 
Well no we aren't frightening girls we just have to adjust to this new thing tall girls help me out here if ur BF is taller then u and everybody else was smaller than u wouldn't it be weird to look up at ya BF when u were use to look down at ya Chest well....off rail well I loved the old ones cuz there was a challenge and well it didn't try to hard t' be cool and forced funny 

And the bosses was Memorable papu papu, Ripper Roo, Koala Kong, Pinstripes potaroo, Dr. nitrous Brio & Dr. neo Cortex CB 2 : Ripper Roo, The Komodo Bros (Joe and Moe),Tiny Tiger, N. Gin Dr. Neo Cortex

CB 3 : Tiny, Dingodile , Dr. Nefarious Trophy, N.gin, Neo cortex 
TheCrash  Titans  series ain't that good Eventhough Bender/Jake/Joker/DeathStroke Joe DiMaggio is Funny as Uka Uka but seriously Tiny being.....kind smart and touchy-feely is the exact opposite of Tiny 
Tiny was like that huge ass dangerous tiger that could rip u to shreds and now well he's as harmless as a baby without teeth or any limbs .....sorry for making u picture that um he is as kawaii as a fennec Fox and have u seen those Cuties I mean seriously they wouldn't even harm a fly 

Tiny's name was as ironic as can be cuz he wasn't tiny nor kawaii he was a huge Tiger with sharp ears and Claws I guess this was universals way to have a LGBT characters in their game or something but the way Tiny was written Gosh they didn't have to like give him that voice I know I know that thing where u imagine a über masculine dude and the voice he have is like a pipe organ or the voice of a peapsqueek haha comical effect ;3 

I don't know if they tried to make Tiny cute or what but it didn't work and it's not that Tiny Maybe represented the LGBT  no it was just the clichè that Gay kinda like talk like that, it could have been done better I mean look at Steve Grand He's a Hunk and Gay and he doesn't talk like that at all ;3
Also the thick New Yorker Accent....why do I think they made Tiny into Harley Quinn All of a sudden except he lost his Badass Badge in the kiddie pool I love Nolan North As an voiceactor but Well Tiny missed the mark and I think it's the scripts fault not his 

Speaking of Harley um NGin? I actually feel bad for poor NGin and his  abusive relationship with Dr.Neo Cortex 

NGin started as this serious type of Guy and after like I think it was Nitro Kart he became like the punchline, like the joke of it all and totally unable to being taken Serious Nice job North Nice job I don't why But I likeNolan's Take on Ngin as this MAAAAAD Scientist makes me laugh I like both versions

I liked the storylines better in the original trilogy  cuz they had a plot unlike the new ones 

I guess I'd bitch enough about the new ones but yeah they weren't anything like Crash Bandicoot ;3 Foxies Out