lørdag den 9. juli 2016

Shoutout t' The non-European Guys

'D Foxies as an European, or European hybrid I'm half Candian btw my bio dad is from the Vancity which is Vancouver for those uphold don't know ;3 
Anyways the reason why I'm writing right now is because I'd heard a lot of both Americans and Europeans trying an British accent or trying those British idioms or just any foreign idiom I foxing think it's cute because yeah ur not trying just to learn to say For example "loin des Yeux loin du Cæur" which would be in out of the eyes out of the Heart where we Danes use "ude af øje, ude af sind" which is out of sight out of mind what's funny is it's three different idioms with the same meaning like u American say don't have a cow, we Danes would say "jeg er ved at få et  føl på tværs" or "jeg får et føl tværs hvis eller når"  that would directly translate to "I'm getting a....what do u call horse babies again? Sorry I don't know what u call a horse baby but yeah we're getting a horse baby diagonally in Denmark If u translate it directly but yeah the point is we Danes, the French and the German feel honoured or at least flattered that u actually wanna try speaking our language because well some Danes are raised like "if ur try ur best u can't really complain about it"  and the same goes for lil' old me at least ur trying learn our weird Sayings  or idioms that u know in ur own language the first things I'd ever learned in French was Death or dead and  heart cuz Death in French is alike Death in Spanish mort and muerte and Mort reminded me of Tote which is dead In German which is Død In Danish cuz everything with a D sound in Danish have a t sound in German and vice versa  but yeah in Denmark, Germany and France we're proud as longest as u try to speak our some what complex Language(s) 

We Danes have the complex thing that we usually talk in singular 
Where the rest of the world would use I took the trains, we Danes say we took the train cus we Danes normally takes logical plural as logical singular at some point I'm happy that we're  the only ones as far as I know who do that  but at least I've had an English teacher who taught us that the way we speak in a illogical way at some point but yeah if u try we feel some what honoured that at least ur trying Eventhough our politicians seems like Dicks well humans with heart would be honoured cuz ur trying 
When I was In Berlin, Paris and NYC I tried to live like the locals that the locals thought I was born there was another story but yeah I'd love Paris and NYC ur like my city Sorry the rest of the world but u know Paris Got my speed but NYC got space for my being and stuff like there is could be cute somewhat "Dumb" Foxy  yet again no I'm not wet behind my ears but I don't consider myself intelligent  the closest I would admit to be is smart and or cunning cuz yeah I'm not dimwitted but yeah sayin intelligent or genius isn't word I associate with cuz t' me that means Hawking, Einstein or Ghandi and i' m not that smart ;3 anyways that was all ....for now cya Foxy's out ;3

Hottie of t'day Allen Walker :3