mandag den 11. juli 2016

Work work work

Yo Foxies guess what I'd got a job or got like last Wednesday eheehe so yeah I'd been working a lot and my colleagues are super ultra nice we're a little Team of different goofballs and I love it 
I work in a supermarket ;3 and yeah I know what I'm gonna buy with my first "adult" paycheque 
I'm saying Adult paycheque cuz it's my first Paycheque as an adult I have worked in H&M and an electronics store when I was Younger and in MATAS ;3 and some clothing stores but u know I was a teen so I'd got my Paycheque but yeah now I'm gonna get my first as an adult...yeahy well I'm totally gonna buy a Ps 4....Cuz Crash Bandicoot!!! ;3 and Injustice 2 and the best version of BAK or Batman Arkham Knight is on the PlayStation;3 and some Funkos and some new threads ;3 Foxy's Out Cya :3 

Hottie of the day Shantel Vansanten