lørdag den 2. juli 2016


So as u know.... Now I'm playing outlast and I'd considered playing it for a very very long time after Watching Markiplier and Lordminion777(Wade) playing it and it's like two-three years ago no wait I think I saw Mark's back in 12 I'm gonna look it up when it was aired on Markiplier's Channel but anyways it got that creepy feel to it like the Alien movies, Silent hill, Deadspace and Bioshock feel to it that feeling that ur alone Eventhough ur definitely not oh yeah expect u can do jack shizz about the monster cuz ur just a defenceless little Journalist ...to be more precise u feel fucking Paranoid like every nano second some looney's gonna jump up on yeah and serve ur liver with some phamar beans and a nice Chianti *sipping sound*  but yeah Eventhough I KNOW how the shizz is gonna go down so of those Jumpscares still gets me and I ain't a little scaredy cat when it comes to the horror genre I Love it but u know that beautiful ambience that background music gets u into that situation and u basically feel like ur experiencing what Miles is experiencing especially a certain part of the game breeeew it gives me the chills to think about if u played it u know what I'm referring to, eww it makes my gut turn 180 and close my hand as quick as possible.

Anyways I love it!!!!!

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