torsdag den 30. juni 2016

Get a job!!!

So everybody knows u gotta git gud no a job before/during or after u graduate 
The employment Center is called jobCenter Eventhough they are so clueless in helping u get a job that it's a foxing mystery how they ever got the job in first place because they don't know jack about what they're doing and I guess it's the only job in Denmark where u don't need and education at all,

 they are mega ultra rude. talks and treat u like trash and makes u feel like ur a worthless piece of poo
So yeah since I'm under 30 I have to get an education well i already have two and I'm dead tired of studying I wanna go out there and make a difference I wanna work use my educations for something the consulat told me this. "U have to find an education and get in otherwise we Won't help u"
I asked what if I want to go out and work and use my two business educations I've got 
"Well then u can fuck off cuz we won't help u Job And that shit is something we can talk about when u turn 30 and u can't use ur educations for jack shit 
I ask if was forced to start a new education then and if the business world only thought we people were Worth it once we turned 30
"No but if u want us to help u then yes we're Forcing u to get ur third education because education is important And if u wanna be some one u yes unless ur that retarded that I have to say it again to heck with ur probably that dumb anyway....

Then I asked if I got a job before this holy educational help started then what?
Well then I was a free man but I couldn't except anything

I ask because u think I'm too stupid to get a job
Yes the answer 
In the end I told according to some laws he couldn't actually talk and treat people like that But only a who actually studied laws would know that except everybody knows those 

And when I'd finally got my job I would personally go up to his office with my contract and say thanks for being u which takes a morning without that sweet cup of joe 

And then I gave him a hug and padded him on his bald head telling him don't worry grumpy we won't see eachother for the rest of lives cuz I'm gonna get a job before he scream my name in agony and despair 

But yeah it was a snippet of me and the consultants talk but yeah Mama Foxy told me when I was younger that if ur sweet and kind after somebody's being a jerk or mean to me it would make them feel abit annoyed cuz the natural reaction the wanted reaction would be an eye for an eye ur mean to me so now I get to mean to u, yeah u know, but yeah it sounds ur somewhat adult or the adult in that situation, cuz yeah the childish thing would be to get back at them 

Yeah u know that already cuz u got some cool parents or actually are cool parents urself or just Smart people ;3 

Foxy's out Cya :3