lørdag den 4. juni 2016

Back for more

I know I have been write on the Foxy beautie for awhile and Sorry 4 that Foxies I had/have a lot to Think about lately Love, Future, aftermath. So here's a quickie of whatcha Missed Got my eye on a cute fellar and a cute girl, went t' the Sakura festival, bought some New Funkos check my Instagram Foxyflashfrost ya know, redecorating, at my grandma's and my mom's place, began reading Christine by Stephen King, some exams, preparing for graduation, free comic book day, been to distortions three days in a row, flirting 
Gaming AC Brotherhood, writing some and of course Shopping. Oh and Got a haircut cuz Fuck my hair in this fucking heat i know how ya dog's feeling during the hot summer trust me it's unbearable kudos to All the world's Furballs for standing the heat 
Ur awesome and I love u

So what's the plan 
Well glad nobody asked so I had t' ask myself in a retorical way well
I'm thinking about maybe uploading some videos of me being playing binding of Isaac #SpoilerAlert I suck at this moment but yeah and I also have a somewhat plan of Future Blogpost like "another  x facts about me" "why I Crash Bandicoot" "top ten Horror movies" "top ten goosebumps books" maybe even a little preview of some of the Snitchel I have been writing 
What t' do so u don't get murdered in a horror movie etc. 

Well this was my little Quickie on The life of little ol' me gosh a month and 21days I turn 23 why did I have t' say old that automatically makes me think about when I turn 23 Eventhough 23 is still young but Still what happened t' the time I mean it's like it was yesterday when i played Crash Bandicoot 3: warped for the first time at the age of 6 it was the first PlayStation I ever played and I loved it ssooooo much and I still do t' this day anyways 

Cya Foxy's out