lørdag den 11. juni 2016

Sorry Guys and Gurls

So I'd heard from the chat  that  the injustice 2 gameplay had already happend but anyways the MKX 3 champion is SonicFox from the US Congratz that A foxy Won the finally was betwween A Foxy Grandpa from the UK #GoEuropeFoxies! and Sonice fox form the US  and it was as tight as my arse when  new at being bi seriouslsy it could have turned out either way but yeah Sonic Fox Being the champ already two times in a row it was a tough one and even before that I felt a split because a canadian was going up against Dear ol' Foxygrandpa in the fight of being third  as an european englishmen FoxyGP and me  a Dane  as a foxy redhead with English and Irish Roots and some of those Canadian rooots I.'d felt thorn but i've chose Europe over all sadly all of my Eoropean foxies we lost t' the reign supreme for now 3 yrs in a rowsonicFox but heey it stays in the family right what i wanna say sorry about is the Dc all acess told me the time and well turn s out we according t' NYC was 30 mins to late Sorry so so sorry But gosh I hope netherRealm Is right about this but the game play of Injustice 2 Should be up on Youtube now and it's 5:02 AM  my time right now and i feel sooooooo cheated right now but on the right side i'd got to see europe duke it out with 'merica!!!

so yeah it could been worse for me but sorry Guys and Gurls that u
as i did thought it would be shown afterwards
 Btw Here's the Gameplay trailer from the kNightwingt01channel  Btw The kwings if U didn't know is totally awesome :D so Here is the link Guys and Gurls https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQZ5Pl59BB8 btw I'm gonna kick some ape Arse once this comes out cuz Nobody messes with this Bitchunless they want me to do A "Bane" on them xD #GonnakickGroddApeArse4sure XD