søndag den 1. maj 2016

Come clean okay guy or Girl

So two hours ago i came out for the 2nd time i came out  to my mom as a bisexual because the 1st i came out my mom was kinda tipsy/drunk so it felt like a cheap shot t' me cuz yeah if she's drunk she ain't gonna remember This awkward moment Well jokes on U/me see have like, I do a memory of a fucking Elephant and in Danish europhorisms we say that "An Elephant never forgets" and let me tell that europhorism or saying have haunted me since childhood i never forgot a thing eventhough i wish i could and that's why This Foxy redhead have trustissuses and because he try to trust anybody against his backthought kinda like Barry Allen/The Flash(Grant Gustin) but anyways that's not why ur Reading This one Well as i Said i came as a bisexual infront of my mom (only her) and her responds the Best it was and i qoute "I'm glad U do U and i accept that but what do U want me to say that it's not okay?did U except me to Smack U c'mon Foxy u'll always be my little Foxy man" to me that was the Best responds and i Said to her "whoa i accepted far worst like i knew from the start or i don't have a son anymore" so yeah i felt satisfied that i knew the old hag(saying that out of love) kinda knew I had a Foot in both rivers or yeah was bisexual so what i'd gathered eventhough it's the 1st come clean cuz eventhough i came clean the circumstances was as a cheap shot so yeah but eventually it's heavy burden that have left ur heart cuz now mom or dad knows and if they're as cool as my mom and Stepdad they don't care(which I have my hopes up for) if Mom and daddy's little man or gal likes sausages or (sorry gals) oysters as long as they are happy and confident about being/do them 
And if not screw them u need to do u like I do and ur family do right I love no matter what u decide :3 and the end ur parents would do the same Eventhough they might be uptight 
And yes it's me in the bathroom doing my business/not waking but number 2 so yeah 

Foxy's out 

hottie of the whatever
Alex Prange