lørdag den 16. april 2016

Intervert outrovert Etc.

Well if u met me I'm the typical shy Guy although I'm not cuz I run my mouth if I feel calm about the peeps or not even better the strangers I'd met cuz yeah it was only for that one time right? Cus They could think "weirdo" or "gaaay"or whatever cuz in the end I rather see how many who cares enough to put those labels asides and know the being  and I'm not the selfish one saying i wish they known me I actually wish for humankind that we all meet somebody who can make us see life as more than just black and white ya know Eventhough I'm bi that's somethings I need t' see in a different light right? Anyways

Cya Foxies Out 
Hottie of the day/night Pietro Boselli :*