lørdag den 16. april 2016

New games t' play

Okay sorry guys  I post two posts on the same night +1gmt in Denmark but yeah Eventhough  U'd probably played it I finally got "the Binding of Isaac: the wrath of the lamb" + DLC and "the evil within" Eventhough it's been centuries since they were released but yeah anyways I'd learned a few tricks by watching Brentultimus and Zer0doxy Eventhough I'm such a dummy I walk into every pain door I campn find buuuut I seem to know the secret rocks from the ordinary ones and I'd got as far as the fourth dungeon #hurray4FoxynoobieSteps and yeah update me and my bio-sister Lise-lotte had touching moment during Bioshock infinite doc burial at sea episode 2 near the end and well I'm a fucking Grunkle at the age of 22 my stepsister's girl gave birth 2 a beautiful baby boy 18:42 or 6:42 pm last night so #grunkleFoxy cya Foxies 
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