lørdag den 16. april 2016

International humour

Well either it morbid or off the wall humour 
In Denmark where I'm from u can quote on quote can get away with anything when it comes to humour example we Danes jokes about taxes and the thing u call ur gf or BF  Honey/Babe is the same we call it "Skat" pronounced "ska at" so our joke is that we call our distaffcounter "skat" because they take over half of our income the punchline is because the taxes takes some much of our income  and sometimes we lend money we have left after taxes or to our better half ( honey or Babe)  sometimes we make that joke so I don't know or as far as I know it's a Danish thing but yeah if u say it any where else ur basically a sexist because only we Danes have the same word taxes and honey/babe as the same word being "skat" actually that's three/four words on Danish it's Babe/Honey, Tax & Treasure anyways don't use the joke useless ur in Denmark it's sorta like a inside joke but yeah we Danes can joke almost about anything from marriage to death in our own language of but yeah that's how we bacame the happiest peeps on earth according to Oprah but still yeah of course there's so many in history we been taking with our pants hanging that we learned to somehow laugh about our situation 
Me for example I have laughed at my own mistakes in my love life that yeah if I told about every BF/Gf u would say "Foxy c'mon haven't u learned by now" 

Tell me if ur country have a sorta like inside joke where u from in the comments below because we as Foxies can learn some cultural jokes or etiquette between eachother so we don't make rookie mistakes if we visit eachother but yeah if ur like me or not, in love, tell me because that's what among a lot of things makes us a  cool awesome community because we can share without telling and I won't tell and I guess the Foxies around us won't tell and if u do Foxies tell about me and my crazy beautiful life go ahead I don't care but have respect for ur co-Foxies cuz they're ur international bros and Sisters okay it's the only thing I wish for that u respect eachother because in the end we all judges but let's make a difference and not judge eachother and others because when it comes down to it if we were in their shoes with their history or luggage wouldn't we have done the same? If not tell me I'm wrong I'd got a rather wide and long spine so go ahead do it will only make me learn than anything else ;3 cya 

 Hottie of the night/day 
Colton Haynes