onsdag den 30. marts 2016

Marvel Avengers Academy Review

So while chilling during this Easter vacation I have Played a lot on my iPad okay I usually play on and write "notes" #FanficsNBlogpostsAndSomeActualNotes well alongside I do like any other Check Twitter, Facebook Instagram etc but since the launch of Marvel avengers Academy on the IOS in February, I'd been playing it a lot and there have already been 5 events, 3event costumes,12 event decors and 4 event characters, (Baron Zemo, A-Bomb, Red Hulk & Pepper Potts/Rescue) next event is the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Like any other Game there are event characters, the main ordenairy ones use the in game money think it's called avenger coins or something and then there's the exclusive ones that cost the special value that u usually see in other tap/quest games like Simpsons Tapped out and castlevile and etc. This times it's shards and yes u can buy some or earn them by levelling the maximum player level is 29 right now 

So it's abit like Simpsons Tapped out but it got the levelling ur characters' level up to five like Boom beach had but to become level 3 and level 5 or even recruit ur character need certain character specific resources well it's the spice 

I have already mentioned the event characters 
The exclusive "shard" characters are: Spiderwoman, Warmachine & Vision
The common main story characters are: Iron man(duh), Wasp(2xduh), Loki(3xDuh), Black widow(....u know duh), Cap.(well Duh),Antman(Scott Lang), Ms.Marvel(Kamala Khan),Enchantress, Maria Hill, TaskMaster,Thor(he isn't released yet and I'm not gonna say it screw Duuh) Tigra(haven't been added yet but someday around) and Hulk(early access otherwise not available but yeah Duuh)

So yeah there are some new comers but still it's the movie/Superpopular ones

If I have Something to say pls Add The Runaways + Wiccan and Hulking because 
Well A-bomb have task called Contact the Runaways so if u leave that in ur gaming ur better add them
And some spider peeps :3 it's free on the App Store so if u wanna check it out go ahead CyA Foxies out