lørdag den 19. marts 2016

One man's trash it's another fortune or eyes of the beholder

To me personally my curly hair have been close to what is defined as a curse on one hand I would never ever ever EVER! Get rid of them cuz they are a part or the human representation of itzy bitzy twiny winy me as a person but also geneticly me I can't runaway from my gene but at the same i felt proud to be that certain redhead, whose a guy, whose also got them curls.
Not because it was Faith who desecided but because there are some #mostOftThePeeps in this Who doesn't have this Curly hair whether I see this as a personal course or blessing I can escape it by cutting my now at the moment half Afro,  sorry real Afro peeps, hair or not because yeah geneticly I'd got them curls by a part is happy to have these and a part is like "little me" but Eventhough though through a hairtreament of some sort u could get rid of them For a while I would never do as for me now because that would be like never accepting who I am as a person because part of my is the curly hair or at least the curls. Whenever my hair grows long enough to show I have the foxy red hair or the curls I let it be, because I can never ever ever run away from the who's family or who isn't. Part of life is actually accepting u as u are. Eventhough I as human has my flaws I accept my flaws, my weakness, my physical differences. If I can embrace who I am as a dumb Lanky human being, with foxy red curly hair. why should I demand anybody else to do that? To me that would be absolutely insane to demand u Foxies, the meerkats or anybody else to accept/ like/ love me for if I couldn't do the same.

Don't get me wrong I'm not the Karamatsu that loves every single thing about myself 
I have my flaws and i embrace them yes I might be competitive but if I didn't have that urge to do my best my counterpart wouldn't step up their game to put me back in my place and verse versa 
It's so animalistic so u can call it thrill of the hunt, actually because if I didn't have my counterpart I wouldn't have to sharpen my skills and the other way around. We need eachother Eventhough being a dick never solves anything but yeah if I never met a d-bag in my life I would never ever ever have become the guy I'm a today I won't treat a woman nor a man like something just being there for my pleasure, because I was lucky to grow as the only hen at the chicken farm don't get me wrong my uncle was there to but being "the only guy...(except for my uncle and my stepdad) among three women so yeah u may call me sissy but at least I'd learn how to treat women equally and being the feeling, accepting guy I am today so Eventhough I was taught to be a man in a woman's world I'd learn to read people and. Care about others needs then my own 
And I'm great full for that because I feel that i growing up among women makes me a bit more badass than any jock on any sports team cuz I was taught the secret that they might not have known about treating not only a woman but a every human being as well to accept who the fuck this crazy being known as Me Kevin Ted Meier (Foxy) Sørensen is than whoever I might have been 
Today I witness our little pup Kvik pronounced quick peing on the bath room floor while he watching me taking a whizz at some point ur proud that ur that guy he looks up to but at the same u think he is a bad pup because he took a whizz on the floor and not on the old news papers U'd scattered around the apartment but Heey I told him he was a bad pup and next time I should do that it was down on the street or on the newspaper but a part of me fell proud because he's in spirituality my pup and I can only say this based on the characteristics he have showed such as being completely friendly, fou(crazy) & a little charmer but anyways my point was never hide who u r or what u stand for yeah u might get a wedgie or something else but if u can't acknowledge who u are with all ur Flaws and stuff who should actually demand to do that 

Foxies out CyA