torsdag den 3. marts 2016

Love is like a drug

okay so i'm FINALLY  done with that dumb assignment THANK GRANT 4 that #Monday29th

so i'd been back for a day and I'm already counting days til the next "vacation" if I can get a vacation instead of a "Vacation" what's the difference? u might ask a vacation is where I can relax and not give a shit for a little while where a "vacation" is where ur teachers are D Bags and gives u 1-2 assignments during ur vacation so u can't relax nor calm ur buns so ur fully returned to ur sane relax State of mind, relieved of the stress and pressure that have made its mark on ya and that Stress & Pressure u didn't release during ur vacation builds up in u so u easier annoyed but those little pet peevees trust me it will annoy u abit more if u didn't have a vacation and they keep Mocking u by asking so How was ur vacation?

WHAT QUESTION IS THAT!!!! And don't even get me started on the weather! or the lack of sleep :D better wish the different Lantern corps doesn't exist eventhough I would make A great Red lantern XD
I'm Fine I'm only in the"I wish U would get gang banged by the a mob of Angry Hippos" mood It's Normal i'm fine it's just a phase for like two weeks?....I think

in other news  i bought Bday gifts for my Mom and I'm such a bad kid I gave her the gifts before her bday on March 15. she got them on march 1. why? because um She totally Needed one of them like ASAP So besides She Is enough to not give a F About if it's before or on the exacted day so What did I give her well An electronic foot File
and the next two actually was a no brainer Because Back in december when My Sister wished for a Funko (Olaf to be exact) my mom looked up and down the funko's saying they were cute and "I want one" so in my deepest thoughts ...Yes i have those too XD i thought to myself...well because I was in the shower and Nobody else was around I thought how do I see this woman I call Mom? Well every guy can tell that our Favourite Gal is our Mom and u girls can't match her at some point, she is a superhero and she is the toughest Gal around Girls feels about their dads, we guys loves and u gals loves your dads :D 

back on track um so yeah My mom raised me & my sister D'aah sorta like on her own eventhough my Stepdad came into my life when I was 5-6 my mom raised us along side him to me, my mom is a wonderful woman and she can do make wonders so who other  than Wonder woman could my mom be? well I bought her Wonderwoman DoJ Wonderwoman to be exact because well u know she's awesome and but not buying her two funkos felt weird cuz Yeah my stepdad have been around almost 17 years and i'm turning 23 in July so yeah u know basically my whole life, and since it was representation of muh Mom well then she needs a my stepdad

so I'd also bought her DoJ Aquaman cuz my stepdad taught me to swim :3 so yeah 
They're standing on her bookshelf and she began crying when she got her gifts Heey Momma Raised A good kid taught that Kid to be a Proper dapper young bloke 
Thank u Mom

Okay so besides Being a good red lantern I would make A Darn good Blue, Indingo, green or Starsapphire, sometimes my biggest flaw is that I care about the people are around me and their burdens and worries wake up the worries for them in me yeah it's dumb I know but tell me can u ever stop caring? I can't stop loving the peeps around and yesterday I talked with my NY flirt Ollie and those  little butterflies in the stomach oh god they were really active what can I say I just love him as a bud for now but yeah there's something that could evolve into something more some point I fall in love easily 

 Foxy's out :3