torsdag den 25. februar 2016

Omg Wtf Yeahy

so as u all know by now I'd been writing this annoying little assignment which length gotta be between 15-20 pages long? the beautiful thing is I'm almost Done I'm missing 5 and a half page and then I'm f**king done and then I can turn it in and say Bon voyage with my middle finger because that thing have cause more damaged to my sleep pattens than Bonnie did to Scott Cawthon I have Literally tired to be awake while I was asleep and that ain't funny at some point that most be the closest to be between life and death except it's not but it's like u feel awake but ur aware of that ur still asleep it's sleep limbo in between asleep and awake gosh it's weird because at some point u should be aware of Reality in a dream but anyways i'm almost done with it so I can finally get a good nights sleep

that's all I had

So Cya Foxy´s Out :D