fredag den 19. februar 2016

state of mind

Okay so I'm writing this assignment and it's gotta be at last 15 pages Long and it's killing me softly, i seriously can't write it at home because my brain is like Oh this is cozy Let's Play Resi 4don't worry Champ ur gonna slay that bitch tomorrow so and i'm 1/3 of the way and due date is like the 29th and i'm like gosh I'm soooh Behind I gotta step it up so right now i'm sitting at this place called "StudenterHuset"

where I feel I can write a ton of shit and can literally write it anywhere else except for at home because my brain goes to cozy mode, my goal was to write a pages each day so i would be done on Monday and have 6 days off but NOOOH so right now I'm trying to write 5 more pages so on monday i can get the last 5 and BOOM-SHAKALAKA!

and I have no idea why I work best underpressure but I do Sooo here goes nothing oh and on the 29th my Grandma on my Father's side is coming all the way from Chilliwack,Canada and I can't wait to see how she's doing and if she have anything for me...

HEEEY Don't judge if it was ur grandma who lives overseas wouldn't u want something cool too even though ur almost 23?

of course u would i wished for a Flannel or the Canadian flag because it's part of me

Btw went to c DP on St. V's day And it...was...FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!
U gotta see it was akosnfoinfondfnsBFBFBFANBFNFÆkcnsdnsvwnfione!!!!
I laughed Soo hard that after the movie and the end credit had rolled, My chest felt like that one scene In the first Alien movie where the chestburst happens oh oh for the Love of ScarJo's jades it was good :3