lørdag den 6. februar 2016

Breathe in breathe outie 3000

Okay so thx to a certain little Foxy, my mom got a job she had been unemployed for some time think it's 9 months but anyways I helped her with the applications during that time cuz my mom raised a sweet little tall Fellar 

But um yeah it's been 4 soon five weeks since the break up with Rolf and this little redhead is back at being the flirty guy again okay that sounds really dumb because ur flirty personality doesn't leave the building after a relationship ends but um anyways I found the people around me who makes me Smile and be my flirty old self again 
And yes I'm flirty is weird to think about when I'm also a shy guy ;3 but yeah when I warm up and get to know people I can be very flirty but it takes is a little kindness from the counterpart 
But um I met some sweet hearts out there and I just wanna hug the F*#* outta them cuz they always seem to make me crack up Thx Tiffy and Rach u two know how to make a guy laugh especially during boring lessons ....seriously I laughed during a class last week and my teacher asked what's so funny
And I was like ....um..um this subject 

Caught red handed not listening to my teacher but in my defence when Somebody takes a Shit on ur cookies do u really wanna hear about economics when somebody ruined ur cookies :3

The answer I think is Nope u need some cheering up do forget the cookies :3
But anyways I began talking with a cutie name Marcus and one named Ahmed they're cute and Tiffy's Husband Chris share Bday with Darren Criss which was yesterday and he is so cool and Tiffy if ur reading this Hug ur man from me and  tell It's from Kevin :3 
Hottie of the day Dylan Spraybarry

 And btw I f*#*ing love my little couch