onsdag den 13. marts 2013

OMG SJP!!!!! JPG?!?!! Eye buying!

Queen Of the stilettos is stepping down

Yes you heard right the Queen is stepping down from the high heels
Our Little Carrie Bradshaw the queen of Stilettoes was at the doctor and was told that her feet was ruined bcuz she was only wearing high heels 24/7/365 so now she's wearing flat heel shoes  or just average shoes how are you girls gonn know which HH* your Gonna have!?! if this was thing the mayans foresaw and called it the Apcalypse, they're gonna get killed by women WW hehehe good i'm wearing thier shoes :3 but still it's not looking to good I mean a SJP without HH* is like that day when Ryan Gosling is dead we men wouldn't have a clue what to do or wear or if Sean O'pry died shit we're men are so screwed? seriously it's D-day Ladies!  
But gladly we can still Watch her as the  Lovely Isabelle Wright in Glee season 4 were she is Mr. Hummels fashion boss 

Jean Paul Gaultier Eau de Parfumes 

What  is it about us men and the JPG Le Male series + Kokorico that makes us men buy it make the ladies drop their panties is it because we men can image how much of a badass ?  we would look like if we wear the Eau de parfume? Does It gives us some kind of Sexappeal? I actually don't know cuz I am willing to buy "Le Male" and I've already got Le Beau Male LBM got me by the polar bear skin and the ice it look awesome which Leads me to the next topic

Catch My Eye, and I buy without a mind

Hopefull U can see what I see
I mean seriously I hope SJP and Lady Gaga Matt Bomer and some other creative knows what I'm talking about cuz  otherwise just wierd x3 no what i mean i bought alot cuz it caught my eye maybe it's i love visual stuff and got two visual eyes so seriously catch my Eye and I'll buy ;3 especially u mr bomer :*