mandag den 16. december 2013

Le petit mignon renard rouge is back Babah!!

It's Good To be Back!

what on earth have I been doing since last time?
here's a clue Not any homework at all?
and def Not thinking about what should be the next topic Cuz Hellooooow I mean the world is full of stuff to tell about right?! Perry is pregnant! is it R-Patz Or Mayer who's the daddy? okay okay it's not That perry u were thinking of Eeew shame you sugarh!

While we're around R-patz have u noticed something New? Something french? something for men? It's a Brand? Jude Law was the man before?
Yes Girlz R-patz is the new Dior Man

I found this on twitter and it is actually fits like a glove 

Btw I don't know if I should Use my twitter as the blogs twitter page