lørdag den 9. marts 2013

Welcome to the Foxy Beau-Tie

So welcome Let me start saying thank you! Warmly welcome take a chair and place your butt there ;3 

this blog will sometimes take place in my life or the latest fashion or sometimes give u some advise about create your own style maybe some stylish advice that comes out off my mind and you're always welcome to write a comment or email to me about what u what to hear about Products or something else I will ask questions like in this first one (look at the bottom) hope u enjoy oh Names Kevin Sørensen and this is The Foxy Beau-Tie(Bow tie)  

JorgObé Black Coal Peel off  Mask

JorgeObé Peel Of mask
Well doesn't that look totally safe and it's not going to hurt cha?
Yes it does, so does Gizmo's gremlin friends and we have seen what have happen when they are in contact with water right? otherwise I should maybe make a link ;3 

This Peel off mask feels like tar and smell like it too. 
JorgObé scrub
it is said to take off the dead skin cells and the impurities deep down in the skin to come up to the surface in few days so you have to use it AGAIN ,but before that you have to use a face scrub by JorgeObé  Refreshing Face scrub which clear off the dead skin cells
yes it does the work for the mask why then buy both?
Instead of that Just use the modern friction scrub from Origins
use it on the body or the face the amazing rice are really good against the like the fine kind of sandpaper, 

Just Laugh Venom Just Laugh

but back to the Jorge Obé Mask if u ever wonder how it would be like to have the villain venom sitting on face then JorgeObé Peel off mask just the right thing for you and u gotta wait until it had dried out in all the face   and then u gotta tear it off ur face and it feels like a full facial wax treatment Auch! I thought it was a Danish company and not by Freddy Kreuger  seriously it feels like ur tear ur own face off AUUCH! 

I don't Like Freddy Kreuger's smile 


  Jean Paul Gaultier  Le Beau Male

Le Beau Male Is a wonderful Eau de Toilette and I was the first in Denmark to buy it YEAHY! It got a very delightful scent of Peppermint it's the fresh new beauty male to the Le Male family and it's a plus cuz when this little fox sees the picture then he wants to dress up in white shirt and ice blue t-shirt with some navy blue jean or slacks. my pale Englishmen skin it could be an amazing tribute to Antarctica and is u got kindda pale skin and blue try it out if u like see how it works if it does write me back pls cuz it works with deep brown eyes ;3

 Sean O´pry

  What is it about this guy that makes us Melt like ice i wanna Hear ur answers if u think He's hot Foxy's Out