mandag den 11. marts 2013

The MBGN is now stading for Mother F#*%ing B*^*# Going ón my Nerves

 Annoying bitch of a boss makes calm Foxy go Jason Fucking Vorhees

I know whatcha all thinking "why is Foxy so musty?" And "Did you really kill someone? No.. no I did not kill anyone but I kindda know now what Jason goes through and you what they say "We all go a little crazy sometimes"  Luckly i'm one of those whom gets a little thing called fashion diva'ing out and the another why i'm Musty Well bcuz my internship boss In Matas was a Real lifetime Mother tripping B.... And she made me work overtime OVERTIME!! Without paying me or saying "thank you" and she kept on naggin on me based on who i am, what it stand for, cuz the customers Went to me to help Them and not her, cuz i was man In the land of women, cuz i was a yin to her Yan and cuz she hated me from Day one, she made wear White WHITE! It's like bleaching a dead corpse or Edward Cullen wear white or or Only buy a salt as present for friend! Gosh and i couldn't wear ANY colours the only thing i could wear was the nuancens Completly Black or completly White so on my last Day i was Wearing pink V-neck shirt shows off my curly fox red hair and it's Big volume, fire red slaggs orange shoes and bcuz of a sweet hearted customer (Thanks Maggs!) whom told I have Beautiful wild dark coffee brown wear she see could see the wild animal within In balance with my calm mind and wierd and Beautiful personality* so I was also showing off my long  lashes with Dior: Diorshow Iconic overcurl mascara 

which makes your lashes make a little curve you get it in Black, Blackbrown and Brown or was it Black, Brown and Blue darn I've forgot it. It's Monday what to do right? :) 

But yeah let me tell ya a good little thing which is my familly's motto which my Great grandma told me "When Life's giving ya Lemon Make some Lemonade" which is the same as "What doesn't kill makes you stronger." 

*(I wished was making this but i ain't she told that fur Real)