tirsdag den 27. oktober 2015

Winter is comming and the tar pool is appearing

Before I start I wanna say thank u Foxies, thank u for making this feel like a for me to come out with some stuff I feel like is too painful to open up about things I'd come to feel so attachted to u guys I'd been writting on blogger for almost three years and the time I'd spent writting for u Foxies have never felt taking for granted, I feel I can tell u anything the ups and downs in my little dumb life or Just Life is general i mean c'mon everybody have ups and downs we all have it in our lives  C'est la vie!

Oh the beauty of it is that we can't escape it.

but now I'm gonna get the sad tough part of this blogpost number 75  the big 7 5  25 from 100!
and I think it's more than just Time to open up about one my big crosses to bear is my winter depression every winter since Christmas eve 08 where my GF At the time broke up with me, because she didn't feel anything for me anymore to me Christmas changed 4 ever for me it's the holiday of the broken hearts searching for their lost warm blooded beating heart and not the holiday where we're all garthed with our families having fun as most people have, I'll always try to keep up my dumb carefree face expression during Christmas season because I don't want to ruin everybody else Christmas, and I guess no one in my family actually knows about my winter depression not because they don't care but because I don't tell them because I feel that if I talked about it would make them sad and I don't want them to take part in my misery it's weird I know that's why I choose to open up about it here because u know ur not the cause my family wouldn't know even if they knew they would still believe they were yeah I don't know why?

yeah um I can feel it to make some understand how it feels (Or how I feel)

Imaging you get stuck in a tar pool and the more u try to fight it the more u get stuck in it that's the best way I can describe it when the spring comes "the pool releases u" it's differnt for person to person
               well now u know but I usually keep it to myself because what'sit to the world right?
it's weird but yeah I get really depressed for no reason during the winter but anyways let's move on I'm gonna make a xx facts about me because yeah why not I mean eventhough we'd known eachother for quite sometime I feel like u don't that much about me maybe u know more than I think u know :D

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