tirsdag den 6. oktober 2015

I need 2 get some Sleep and somebody 2 love again

Sooo This time being Single is quite lovely if only i could Fall asleep at a proper time and not wake up 3 in the morning hearing my name being whispered When the rest of the House is sleeping, and if U ms./mrs. Or mr. Entity in my room could so kindly Shut the fuck up so I can sleep that would be nice otherwise be go out and work ur magic tricks or whatever and get me and man or woman so I can tug in to them and sleep again thank u very much ..... And brain stop thinking we both know u can do it

And dear mister trash man get a less noisy vehicle 

Kay thanks 

When life gives u a pretty little head on ur shoulder that is also creative mind then u have active mind that's hard to shut off but don't worry my trick that sometimes works is just to bored u mind ....I'm only  kidding, I sometimes get some hot Pukka tea and sits in my one-piece  from jumpin and read some CreepyPastas because I love scary stories in the dark of course but I just love it it's so comfy sittin on ur bed in the dark in ur warm one piece that is as soft as a kitty I just love it

well am I in the dating zone at the moment?

Yes A Thousand times yes eventhough I like the benefits of being a single bi guy in Copenhagen because One night stands with protection because it's makes it easier for both, xD but yeah I need a little cute thing I can call mine because eventhough Sex is....well Sex it get boring to be the lone wolf wandering around but yet if only my exes could keep their junk to themselves (& Me) i wouldn't be Single or have trust issues...
and still day dreaming so thank u exes u gave me the superpower to spot a douchebag from a mile away i'm not sarcastic I actually mean it Thank u for making me Better in some kind of way..i guess  anyway no hard feelings :D  And Today Is Flash day because The Flash Season 2 starts tonight on the CW and I can't wait!!!!
Foxys Out Cya :D

Hottie of the Day Bryce Thompson