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The Foxy Beau-tie Just Reached 501 Views :3 
If you hear a flapping noise it's not me it's cho Mom because she is so Lumpin' Happy that we made you made it Oh My glob
yes THIS IS ACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!!!...not sparta x3
So since cho Mama was flapping how did I react then well something like this.

Yeah I flipped I was like Mondo Mamma Brains!
And U know what? Shit just got real so now i Have to tight up my Buns
So so sorry(Execept i'm not)  it was just a Purfect GIF and I just Like BMO So much my favorite Characters from AT Is, 

Our own little living Gameboy
Why do I like BMO hmmm because BMO Has this little charm that She/He? Thinks it's a real Organic being and sometimes BMO Delivers seriously funny random shit and BMO is a really serious "person"
we all have that person in our life that is so deadly serious that when they do something random without thinking it becomes funny

Again one of the little peeps of OOO I really love Gunther because he is soooo CUTE and althought he only quacks he have his own cute Person and slightly More evil than Marcie's dad 
and Cute fact Hunson Abadeer Have played golf where Pep was his caddie òwó

"Pep" A.K.A The Peppermint Bulter
yet another little man 
pep started as this cute little Butler that always was around P.B but is he really so simple...No we don't know much about Pep but somethings fishy like where he barked at P.B with the wierd eyes the pic with him and Hunson Abadeer in H.A's cave i like Pep because he is mystic and Cute.

Seriously I Just love Flambo and His Bronx Attitude, so guys get a Bronx Dialog and letta talk if youse know what i talking 'bout :3


I don't have to say why cuz U should Know Why She's the main bitch of the group we all have our LSP in the group and if u don't have her in cho group that's maybe because ur the bitch of the group Babe but don't be sad A Bitch is just a diva which is a woman who knows what she wants or is that only what LSP want us to think xD

another princess I really really Like is defi

F.P AKA Flameprincess

she's Like the only princess who actually wasn't into Finn the first time she met him(mostly bcuz of Jake's Screw up so she slapped Finn minor detail) but also she is just Lovely and Redhaired xD


Who doesn't like Marcie I mean seriously she started out as the shows Baddie and suddenly she's BFF with Finn´n´Jake how she's "flirting" with Finn so in the alternative Univers The Ice King created Fiona has a minor crush on Marshall Lee but also one on Prince Gumball and somehow She is really into the Ice king Hmmmm why does that sound so famillar oh yeah some peeps does that in there fanfictions :3   

and of course I like 
I just Love His Corky, and he is kinda Annoying but what did you expect P.B. Made him(Sorry Princess bubblegum fans But admit it u h8 just a little bit)
My last fav from the land OOO is drum solo......

Hunson Abadeer

The Scene when Gunther And Hunson i just Love Hunson after that because it was Priceless u actually see Gunther fly and IK Grabs him sand Says "Gunther, who told you, you could fly? and Gunther Points at Hunson which is sucking the soul out of some peguin
it's just hellvua fun scene :3

In the Land of AAA 
I like Gumball and Marshall Lee and I think they should just Have a bromance or become a couple :x I hope They make a Flame prince

Maybe I Forgot somebody U like in Ooo or Aaa then tell me who it is and why u love them in the comment section but Just tell me who like and why if there here in my favs then maybe u got a better reason write it write it write it write it

and Now here's some Eye Candy

this is Versace new Badboy Nolan Gerard Funk :3

And this is GRANT GUSTIN he will be the Flash this fall 

Tyler Posey Is possing as a Hula...Guy?
And the new face of DIESEL COLTON HAYNES
I just made some awesome which I will call "Dil" Mwahahahahhaha
Colton and Tyler were both on Teenwolf
Colton and Grant(Guest star) were Both on Arrow
Grant & Nolan were both on Glee
Colton and Nolan are both new faces on huge fashion Brands
And if we asume Colton is the link between them all then we have a Dil..DOH okay that one was unindented... Or was it O.O"