onsdag den 30. juli 2014

Drawing stuff ;3

Da fudge? Foxy 's Drawing and is back in Action

Yeah I'm back it's been a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time since Last time

But I Have missed this ALOT! but in the meantime I have been playing (SE)X-Box 360 and let me say I ran through some games such as

The wolf among us (epi 1-5)


Dead space 1-2 plus dlc for nb 2

Silent Hill 2 (DA BEST SH GAME)

Injustice GAU

Portal 1-2(Nerd mode :D)

Spider-man EOT

Batman Arkham Asylum

Batman Arkham City(plus dlc)

Rayman Legends

Saint's Row the third (plus the dlc's)

Street Fighter

Battle Block theatre (The cat owner Shit 'em bridges and died XD)

Saw 1-2

Crash Bandicoot WOC

Half Life 2
and got Tired of Minecraft X3
well I did also play some Bioshock2 on mac 
and drew some stuff

Yay I know it's not Monet or Picasso but who cares? it has a deeper meaning than just me Drawing doodles about stuff i like and yes it's the Arrow Costume from Arrow on CW and yes it's a Big daddy but it means more to me than just yeah I can draw stuff
to me it's a way of saying thank to the peeps I have to protect but also those who protects me and trust me People might say i have a bright mind, but bright rimes with light so when i think about a solution it might not be after the safety handbook more like a here ´n´ now solution but it's always something legal xD

and Yeah i like Arrow and this Fall Flash tvshow airs with Grant gustin (Sebastian Smythe from Glee)as Barry Allen and I'm like
off track sorry but yeah Foxtailed Arrow represented Moi
The Big Daddy doll is a symbol of the peeps I watch over (Yes that's also U Bats)
and The big Daddy is a symbol of the peeps watching over little me xD(And Yeah it also means You Joshua Joe Parson)

What's Next?

YEah I'm Drawing but that one isn't mine i thought it would trigger something in ur mind
guess I have to tell ya what I mean....

So I saw Se7en ...Again and do you remeber when  Brad Pitt Screams WHAT'S IN DA BOX?
sure thing well it triggered something in my mind a nostalgia trip and it was this line that sounded familiar to me but i'd heard it before but in a differnt version and no it was not would u kindly XD
it was the quote WHAT'S IN THE BASKET?

non horror fans are like So what? and real horror fan knows what this is 
let me light u up Skippy it was from the horror movie called Basket Case where a man has this Basket...With his Tumor Like Brother that was attached to him BOOM! mindbomb blew

so my new drawing is me sitting on a box with and Flash logo tee and Loki's helmet on
cuz 9 outta 10 times i get the blame for something a didn't do and bcuz i'm the youngest and LOKI IS MOTHER TRIPPING PAWSOME XD the Box have like two holes at the hole to the right is a twig hanging out saying.....I am groot at the left hole there's a racoontail (Rocket Racoon wink wink) and some sort of mask(Starlords mask) and i'm sitting on top of it and there's this head line WHAT*S IN THE BASKET? and right now you're mind broke down cuz it's a box and the HL says Basket fun childhood one of my Best buds from school was really a wise guy and our teacher asked us what do you call a big book that's not a short story he says proudly a pyromaniac let me tell why it's funny
Bcuz the danish word for short story is Novelle 
a Novel on Danish is called Roman
and Pyromaniac is called Pyroman  do you get the funny part now :3 

so the drawing is about I don't know how the GOG movie is gonna be and I won't spoil it cuz somebody is gonna see Moi and the Loki helmet is me saying i'm the youngest therefore i usaully become the scapegoat and the box basket thing is a renfence for my bud Josh xD  and you wil see it sooner or la8