lørdag den 18. januar 2014

Raging bull

If u think I'm pretty when I'm calm Well than I'm Like FRIGGIN HOLLYWOOD HOTTIE PAUL WESLEY NOW WHEN I*M FLARRING RED!!

I mean of course i'm a red head and Some got a short fuse but all of us have a fury like nobody else if you piss me off enough you might not be so afraid of the boogeyman or clown cuz I'm actually a Pretty Neat Guy that is sweet to everyone around me but when somebody pisses me off enough i'm pretty horrifying for both parts and no I do not send anybody to the morgue or the hospital, I just get a really deep and rough voice that tells you enough is enough! 

  so unless You want to see how horrible it is when Le Petit Renard Goes BOOM! I reacomend u to not piss me off :D
and lucky for you I'm not so easy to piss off
U may have a chance of annoying me and I have Chance of annoying U but That's life and We all Brothers and Sisters and It's our job :3