lørdag den 11. marts 2017

Symmetra Is What now? Awesomesauce!

So we got some news T'day or for me it was Yesterday. Yes I'm a night owl Deal with it or Die trying 

So my bro the twitch and Youtuber the one and only MykolasGX broke the news yesterday or for u T'day My fave Female Overwatch Go to gal Symmetra Is Autentic which means see have Austism ... Just Like my Older Sister more about that in another topic 

At first when I played Sym she reminded me of my Sister due to her Sweet ass Cocky voice lines
And no Austentic Peeps aren't always cocky cuz Everybody Gets so do I especially when I play Widowmaker and I make the opposing teams Widow make the spread eagle and I Say Amateur and I'm glad the other team can't hear it but on the other hand I also give them credit when they as Sym or Ameliè or Anyother Puts me through hell or outsmarts me, but NEVER in my History of OWhave I granted the other teams The widowmaker or the path is closed nor the the Car Wash achievements, in all that's 4 Achievments. Anyways that's somethings for another day but yeah it's not my sister and sym's Physical Appears cuz My sister Is more like Mei she's a Lady with some meat on her bones, where I'm like Genji, Widow and Sym( skinny with Long arms and legs and a healthy booty) 

but yeah the thing why I think of my Sister when I hear Sym is their attitude and how they react with people Sym Doesn't interact with the others, she keeps mostly to herself, kinda like a Lonewolf of course Hanzo is a lonewolf type of dude but he still interact with Genji. Gosh I'm bad at explaining this, cuz in my family Eventhough my sister has Austism  We were raised on equal terms, Eventhough I felt like a big brother when we grew up due to nobody messes or dates my sister without we had the speech on why u shouldn't play with her heart or I'll break u and I'll become ur new nightmare ur bogeyman and it isn't one sided when I was a Newborn my sister crawled up in my crib and actually Took a nap with me and if people wanted anything from baby me they had to ask her Permission first.
I'm not kidding until I turned five my Sister was like What do want with him and Why?

I my teens Naah I was 9 and still doing it, nobody breaks my sister, or anybody I have close to my Heart's heart(s) or I'll personally break u myself, I don't have Austism myself as far as I and my family know I can also connect Sym in my sometime Bitchy attitude and protective nature 

how I felt Sym and my sister had something incommon like I saw my Sister In Sym and vice versa and the I just knew she was doesn't cut it because I didn't see this coming, I grew up with everybody is different in their own right except for Pedos, Killers and racists.
I'm thrilled cuz as Jeff Kapplan says and How OW is there's everybody and everyone/type in the Game. Let's take a look
Tracer is Gay/lesbian (part of LGBT)
Bastion has PTSD
Hanzo have a memory like an Elephant/ never letting go of past events
Hanzo is a lonewolf more or less
Sym is Austentic 
McCree & Solider are Anti Heroes
Zennytta and Mercy are pacifists 
Genji Had an Existential crisis 
Ana & Pharah and Genji & Hanzo have been  having Family issues 
Window is emotionial cooled down due to her past 
Sombra seeks knowledge to how the world is
Reinhardt always wanted help no matter his age
Lucìo wants to make a Change and rebel against those who held his people down
Thorbjörn wants to right the wrongs 
Reaper consumed by revenge
Winston wants to make the world a Better place for everyone
Mercy the orphan 
Winston, Zarya & Sym  the odd Balls 
D.va the Gamer 
Junkrat and Roadhog - survival of the fittest 
Orisa- The protector 
Mei and the gals - gender breakers 
And everybody Is straight except for Trancer, Zennytta, Bastion & Orisa 
Trancer is well Duuh Lesbian and the omnics/ robots and Robots doesn't have a Sex but at the same time they could be pan Sexual cuz they as far as we know doesn't have a Sexual preference  sorry my pan Bros & Gals 

And this is just some of the things I'd noticed not everything and I actually went through every hero at least once cuz I felt if I left somebody(ies) out I wouldn't make as clear a point nstead of doing the Four and a Diagnol I made five with Diagnol  cuz reasons (6 times 4 is 24) actually thought I forgot Dva but I'd noticed I actually wrote  her down aswell but yeah I had to be sure and if I forgot a hero I would feel like I left something out call me a compeltionist or ocd or whatever I just feel that leave out some wouldn't help The oW point of everybody is in their and Stuff
I haven't got a check if I'm OCD or not but even though my room can seem messy I like squirrels him a system in my mess but yeah um the ocd Point comes in with my Funko boxes yes I have their Boxes and I have tried to put them in a logical way xD so maybe MEI-bae I'm a bit Ocd but at least I know my DC and other universes xD

In case u wondered what I used I acutally a Maybeline Newyork Brown eyeline for my check up on including everyone ;3 of course everybody got more than one role ;3
 But Foxy's out cus it's 02:21 or 2:21 am the morning in Copenhagen so Gnightmorning what so ever Foxies ;3