lørdag den 25. februar 2017

Resi7 review

I can honestly say it's in my top five fave games of all time and it's not because the franchise is part of my childhood or is it well Resi5 and Resi 6 was well... Meh and so unresi that it was Bad to the bone...let's look at the bright site McCree and Erron Black was in it :3 as Leon and Jake ....and if u Don't know who I'm refferring to it's Matthew Mercer and Troy Baker anyways um Resi 7 seven goes back to it's roots with the Zombie thing and this time it ain't slugs or Leeches or whatever the fuck the urubora was ..Eels Maybe? Well unimportant anyway um so I'm going to get the Platinium Trophy on Resi7 when Mia is Done AXE-ING Stupid Bullshit ..... Gotta Say I never Smiled as Much as I once I picked Zoe over Her in my second play through; and I Left her to rot 

Fun Fact about Foxy #1 He will Feed U to the vultures if u betray him cuz *cough cough* Karma is A Bitch and So Is he 

Well the one true Horror I met was by accident it was the Ma Baker Fight I tried to reload my trusty Shotgun and um I Hit the wrong button and ma Baker thought I wanted to have Oisters for dinner so she moved closer  Naah She just wanted to kill me real good and um yeah I looked up under skirt...Cuz I hit the Crouch button by mistake and I got a really Good look at her Spider vagina like all up in my face brrrr I still wake up in cold Sweat at night due to that imagine burned into my poor Thick Skull 

Fun Fact About Foxy #2 & #3
Like Elephants Foxy nEver Forgets ....once it's in It won't get out  and I reffer to it as I have a thick skull due to I have Hit my head on many occasions and nothing Have happened to my Skull ...yet 

I say one true Horror well in my case it's because I'm a hardcore Horror fan so yeah I didn't really scare me except for Ma Bakers Spider vagina  but I love the tone of the game cuz it makes u a bit on guard where Outlast takes u by the neck when ur most at peace and Smashes ur head to a bloody pulp with some well Placed Jumpscares Resi 7 doesn't really for me well Most Games Loses their Fright When Foxy Gets good ol Shoty the shotgun Because everybody knows Shotguns in Videogames solves every problem but Resi got back to it's roots like it's u against the unknown and u are All by urself and the first person Aspect makes it a bit Creepier cuz now u can't hide behind Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine oh no Kiddo time to grow so Balls and Fight off the evil ALL BY YOURSEEEEEEEEEELLLLLFF!!!

The best Part is there isn't a health bar indicater in ur menu but more like a Bloodsplatter on the screen so u have to make the call when to heal and u can take some hits 

I would Give it 8 outta 10 Foxpaws due to the feels, the Twist, the game mechanics etc.