lørdag den 16. januar 2016

omg :D Thx

I love u guys and Gals Mon Renards you know right but every time I see u  actually check the blog even though I don't Post stuff everyday I can see that u Foxies actually check the blog and read some u might have missed and omg every time I see we as ....are we big enough?...Fuck that us as a community actually i know I say this Alot but .....Geez Thank you Foxies seriously Thank u because it makes me feel that the stuff I put out that i'm not the only one feeling this and that somebody actually wanna hear about what the f*** i'm up to in this amazing Crazy Life or actually can relate to this in some way and it makes this Dumb Redheaded Half Canadian half Dane Feel ecstatic about it because It's been a long time being a blogger it still gives gives the little jolt of lighting every time I see that even though I don't post some everyday ur still there and it's not because I feel like My life is complete every time I'll get watches...I feel much more like I said I'm not alone out there  and I know #SameOldSameOldStoryRight? well I feel like I could help somebody even though I'm just a some Dane/Canadian Guy
so I have a plan in life sounds weird but Yeah
whenever I get enough I wanna move to NYC ...it sounds Crazy but it's just enough Crazy for me to make it
when I was I NYC In march 2015 I could Feel this was my people my cup of tea cuz there was Adorkable and Adorable, Salt and pepper, cool and classy, earth prime and Earth 2 etc.  like the opposites could exist  at the same place besides they had Chilidogs and if ur a 90's kid u know why that is so cool here's a hint SEEEEEEGAAAAAAAH!!!

but yeah Besides most of the peeps I've got to know Is from over seas and it would be traveling to Chilliwack BC actually make it easier and Vancouver BC as well omg and even though Paris Je t'aime mon Cherrie NYC always had a special place in my heart

when I was A little dumber Foxy than i am today #YesThatsPossible I dreamt of living in NewYork, going to visit my Grandma in Vancouver or visit Paris to feel the Classic vibe(sidenote: sometimes I feel the way I was taught to be a gentleman or the classic way was due to my grandma because my great grandmother on my mom side or to make it less confusing my granddad's mom was British and she taught her boys; My grand dad and his two brothers, that whatever a man can do a woman can do that too and vice versa which is actually ahead of that time due to he was the same year as my great grandma or my grandma's ma on my mother's side in the year of 1913 so both my grandma's ma and my granddad on my mom's side had experienced both WWs and yes my my grandpa on my mom side was older than my grandma who was born in 1938), but anyways through those two meeting the message grew on the new batch that whatever a man could do a woman could do too when my gen came  we were also taught that whoever we we'r and who ever we loved we our parents would still be proud and vice versa i grew learning how to sew and iron and do the dishes and cook and stuff but also the manly stuff by my uncle and stepdad so no growing up didn't make me Bi but taught me about Equal rights and even though sometimes I feel like my older sister didn't get the memo i'm great full that I was taught that,  because it taught me as a kid that we're equal and my mom taught me that if u follow ur heart, u'll never end up the wrong place or as we know form the song Listen to your heart by RoxEtte "listen to ur heart when he's calling for u" again when I was little and much more shy then now I could have sworn that the the lyrics were when IT'S calling for u  but i'm a bisexual not to say every bisexual thinks like that heey I'd thought i'd heard it like thta but heey that's just a theory, a foxy theory! and yes I watch Game Theory #GameTheoryisawesome

so I'm gonna post something I'd been working cuz Heeey i'd been single for a week and and four days now and I feel u need to know the reason why #Sorry