lørdag den 16. januar 2016

Had enough

okay I had it up this okay u can see it but my hand is fully stretched above my 6.2 long slim body
I just can't take it anymore when somebody brings Sadness to the table and becomes ultra depressed it's tearing me apart because I can't help the person, and i want to fix what's been broken but I can't and it's really bringing u down when ur dating because u know inside urself that no matter what u do ur powerless, u can't fight it with the person if the person thinks about the sad past instead of focusing on the future that's in front of them. i seriously feel that "This Past" is actually killing this lovely future

and I know it takes time to heal but don't start something new right off the bat when ur broken because it breaks ur partner in crime down I'm become more depressed by the hour due to this and i can't make the guy Happy and it makes u feel sad because u wanna help but u can't ur watching ur own world crash and burn because ur absolutely powerless sorry for bringing the violinist I told him to Fuck off but he keeps bashing in he didn't get the memo obviously...hehe at least I can still joke about the pickle i'm in it's my way of healing first I cry then it becomes funny because even though

I could sense and hear the melo tone whenever we talked I actually believed I could turn the frown upside down and make him happy but well that's just me in a nutshell always believing in the good of everybody no matter what, I sound Like a kid but screw that if I didn't exist my opposite wouldn't either Yin and Yan, Day & Night, Life & Death that kinda thing

(11/01 2016)
Now it's almost a week since we broke up(it was last Wednesday  and sheesh it was toughie but I can feel the return of my dumb Smirk and my laughter it's weird actually yes the two first days and during the break up it was a mess I have never try to break up with someone so persistent in keeping to "Fix it" well u can't help somebody who doesn't want ur help because ur the cause to the person's problem because u just Lost the main thing TRUST, I didn't trust him in the end and when I don't trust people I don't want to open up to them. suddenly he told me he felt used because we had sex....
Well he fucked me first at night, yeah I woke up from a dream and he kissed me and we kinda went there the day after I fucked him and it was wonderful and it was last Saturday and Sunday :D

and right thinking of the accuse makes me cracks me up because it was such a baby reason now the dick and ass i pounded walking away better scream and shout "I felt used"... well some people uses other people but to be the lasted fucked claiming u were used that's dumb especially when u were the first to grind somebody's rear because U were horny at the moment.

but that's in the past :D and I'm Mr. Movin'on

this is like 1 week and 4 days old So so sorry Foxies
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