torsdag den 30. oktober 2014


Well said Grant !

And yes I do like the series arrow 

But why am I writing 'bout it 
funny thing my friend which is a girl...
She's not so good at reading "Signs" and flirting 
 for example she thought her Bf meant he wasn't into s.x atm. when he said "I like when the woman takes the lead.. and I was like

so yes somebody needs help and since i'm the most Flirty person she knows let me break it down

Rule No.1

"Eyes On the prize"
 well some girls...and guys may feel offended when I use the term prize but yeah think about I am only trying to shoot two birds with one stone and it's the most neutral cuz Yay call a person It and they get mad so now ur love interest is ZE prize in ma world :D 


 But Yay U gotta find out how the person is "douche, Lovely or whatever" But DO NOT STALK IT*S CREEPY AND UR NOT CREEPY UR JUST IN NEED....!!!

Rule No 2

Be Straight with the person

The Person don't want to hear 10.000.000 words about how fluffy Mr.Whiskers Is... If u love the person say it! Nothing more nothing less How hard can it Be?!?

Rule no 3

  Make Him/her Remember you

A Natural Flirter or a person who is flirty like My self (Cheese) sometimes sends a little harmless flirt with no interest of a relationship at all But it's not our problem that we're a little bit charming I mean Look at She hulk or Human Torch in the marvel Universe okay maybe DP But his crazy *I Don't CAre  his badass* and let's angle it over on to DC Yes yes The Flash is a flirty Little Guy :* and we love him. my point is Everyone got a Mark, Human Torch is kinda Childish or even kinda cheesy in his lines, She-hulk is a D.I.V.A! DP Is Crazy, The Flash according to Arrow is a "little" bit like a me kinda lovable clumsy, Corky shy and kinda warm and never meant to harm ya
Make you're mark it makes them remember something about u pinkie boy and reamember 
nothing is not embrassing it's all in ur thick skull!!

Rule no 4

Be you

nobody is better at being u than u so show us who u are,  the true u not that Miley Cyrus, Iggy A, Rita Ora or Ariana Grande u that u think everybody likes cuz let's face it you're non of them and if u Are then Autograph pls :3 but Even though u ain't flawless then Fuck that We all have our flaws nobody's perfect so don't try to be perfect be your self.

Rule no. 5

Seriously  no need to explain this Make the picture of u in his cute little head is a-like the real u and not something farfected but if he thinks ur sexy Then take it as a complet but  get him to know the Dear Sexy ass person u  r Honey 

Rule no. 6

Don't think about it 
Don't think of how you can flirt with peeps just do it otherwise ur defy not flirting althought u may have a wet dream about it, Magic, Flirting & doing stuff' is just something u do without thinking except if ur drunk flirting with ur mom xD Gal

Rule No. 7

Be Brave 

"Aww I bet he won't notice me" "aww he doesn't even eye" 
some of you have never even asked him or her? so unless ur a mindreader u don't have a clue although u have a thousand reasons why but it's not proof so instead of making an avalanche out of a F*ing Snowflake 
so pls talk to the person before u conclude something otherwise i might hit myself with my pan again and again and again. Sure it's scary to talk to ur crush but Be Brave otherwise he misses the chance to know the real sweet and hot ass gal u are and u lost the chance to get to know him cuz u were too scared.

Rule No 8.
Be cofident (Believe in urself)

I believe u can do it but that doesn't help u if u don't believe in u 
I could tell u why ur a sexy fierce little tigeress and how good u look in that dress and I don't say something like that unless I mean it but it doesn't matter if in ur head ur the ugliest person in whole damn world sure u might have small boobs or big boobs fuck that! u have what nature gave ya and u are unique so guys like big boobs others like small boobs Frankly I don't care about how big they are as longest they are au naturel cuz that is the sexiest boobs in the whole world and remember this 

The most beautiful flowers in the garden are those who manage to break through the hard cold Ground below although it aint fair
 -Kevin Sørensen, October 24th 2014