lørdag den 9. september 2017

Saturday De-Laughter

So yeah um How to start 
So I always wanted ever since I had my YT Channel and OW to make Ow highlights of my ow Streams Cuz watching me for 3-4 sometimes more hours streaming can be a bit tough to watch when it's uploaded to YT some people like it though but yeah anyways I always Remeber the FoxyGrandma for one Reason (actually more than just one but yeah) I laughed my ass off when I Nanoboosted MrDakphoenix as Mercy and this was back when he was mercy trying to earn her wings and medical degree XD yeah I remember I laughed sooo Hard that my Ribcage hurt ...like sure if it's not that hard to make me laugh if ur humour is around the same place as mine ...or the fact that u have some humour ...but to make my Ribcage hurt so much that I literally can't laugh the next day is something very few have achieved 

Foxy fact: If u make me laugh Superhard like Ribcage hurts hard thrice one day I can't laugh the next day as in I can't laugh cuz Eventhough u might be funny I won't laugh due to my mind won't catch it or send the Signal .....it's hard to explain but imagine it's my body's countermeasure not to bust rib 

But yeah I was editing it like trimming it down and I begin laughing so hard and yeah I reminded the fun I had during the stream and it was the Birth of Grandma Juice, Grandma Piss among other Foxy Ow Gags XD and it is almost a year old XD