fredag den 5. december 2014


Yeah once again I'm back after a little break down after some stuff in my brain collided and one of my friends picked a cute solution....she took away laptop so I couldn't write anything for the whole weekend the only thing I could do was: Eat, Sleep, Relax, Gaming, Sleep, Eat, Sex(NOT WITH HER U CUTE PERVERTS!!! which have a special place in my so called "Non-existing"or rather "Cold, Cold" Heart )
 but ahem ...where was I.... Oh yeah but the weekend was lovely and I..actually enjoyed it quite alot and she knows how to give a proper massage I was purring like A kitten when was the last time I'd got a massage?....July or August was August but it was really need it according to her :3
It was Puuurrfect thx Sugarh :3